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    Basically, More Than Music is a dream that is slowly becoming reality.  It's been a work in progress for nearly 15 years.  It started out as a desire to help.  Help musicians learn to play together better and grow as a band; provide a resource for purchasing good gear at better than average pricing; provide a way for up and coming musicians and bands to record their work - and help to distribute and promote that work; provide a facility to perform those works and gain a following; and so much more.

    Reality says that stuff costs a lot of money.  While the ultimate goal is still the same, we had to phase things in and be patient.

    The first phase was installing audio and video systems to raise funds to purchase live sound / light / video gear.  We spent several years doing nothing but installing audio systems for primarily churches - adding in video (projection) systems and basic lighting systems as the technology grew and became far more affordable for the small guys.  That earned enough income to purchase our first live sound system.  It was good!  Live production gigs were and still are some of our favorites!  That grew and ultimately allowed us to do decent sized events consisting of audio, projection, and basic lighting.  

    We essentially outgrew that audio system and needed a different option.  So we sold off the main components of that audio system and purchased a bigger, more expandable system which we are still using today.  We also began adding the ability to do IMAG (live video cameras on screen) and some better lighting.  While the lighting end of things is good, it's still limited.  Our production opportunities have led us to pursue the purchase of other gear we deemed to be of higher priority.

    We then added this web site and the ability to sell gear from it.  We got hooked up with Quantum Audio Designs and Westminster Effects as dealers.  Both are amongst the best we have ever seen in their respective areas.  We also added a decent selection of used gear we have acquired over the years.  While we don't actively pursue used gear, we can often be persuaded to trade labor at one church for some of their used gear if we feel it still has enough value and purpose left to serve another church in need.  We can't always afford to give everything away when a church is in need, but we do what we can!  **If you know of a church in need of something we have in our used store - please get in touch!!  We'd love to see what we can do to help!! **

    Teaching others what we have learned is also something we enjoy doing.  We try to offer relatively consistent training events to help teach what we have learned.  Picking topics that are of value and are needed isn't always easy, so if there is something you want to learn or want your church tech team to know more about, please let us know - we'd be happy to put together a training event that caters to what is needed.

    Our goals haven't changed in the 15+ years we've been at it.  We've had to make some changes to how we pursue different aspects of our goals and dreams for More Than Music.  Things change, markets change, needs change, and we change - but we are still here moving forward!!

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