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The Quantum LM series Low Impedance microphone cables are designed to provide an extremely reliable, noise-free, balanced line audio cable at a very affordable price. No where else on the market today can you find a better sounding microphone cable at such a reasonable price point. Utilizing Quantum's Q-3100 series balanced line / mic cable, the LM series cables provide audio clarity and overall performance that permit it to be utilized with even the finest of microphones on the market today. Finely stranded, oxygen-free high conductivity copper is utilized on the individual conductors as to promote audio transmission capabilities and to minimize unwanted distortion. Conductor insulators are formulated to minimize cable capacitance in an effort to preserve the high end frequency response and overall audio clarity. A served bare copper shield with 95% overall coverage provides exceptional protection for the audio signal against outside interference. LM series cables utilize the heavy duty, hand soldered, Amphenol brand XLR connectors with the patented “Jaws” strain relief system which provides exceptional resistance against breakage to the cable at the internal solder joints in the event of an unexpected jerk to the cable when in use.

LM Microphone Cable

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