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We love production.

Banquets, Corporate Events, Concerts, Etc.

We are well equipped for Banquets and similar events in particular.  Concerts are certainly within our abilities - though we have some limits - mainly with concert style lighting.  Please contact us for more details regarding concerts.

Our banquet (and similar) setup includes sound, lighting, video, IMAG, etc.

A few details:


We can scale to nearly any facility in and around the Minot area.  If your event has an anticipated guest count of anywhere from 10 to 1500 people, we've got you covered!  We've got all the mics and accessories needed to take care of nearly anything.


Lighting is tailored for banquet or presentation style stage wash.  We've got enough to cover the stage without issue.  If you're looking for some ambience, we've got a fleet of smaller lights suited for color and set pieces.


A typical layout includes a pair of 12' projection screens plus available 65" TVs and 43" TVs that can be configured in numerous ways depending on your needs.  Many times, the 43" TVs serve as stage displays so those presenting can see what is on the main screens, or something entirely different.  We use ProPresenter for the majority of our video control.  We've got a pair of 4k Panasonic Professional Cameras for IMAG (image magnification - putting the events on stage onto the screens so people in the back can see better) and recording.  We have video switchers from both Blackmagic Designs and Roland Professional.

Set Design:

We can build you just about anything.  If you want a specific look or set on your stage, let's chat!


We do not own staging.  We rely on the staging available at the venues we work with.  We DO however have access to a Stageline SL75 mobile stage (typically outdoor use) if that is something you are looking for.

If there's something you want to do, get in touch!

We've recently delved into Podcast recording and production as well.  Once again - get in touch!  We'd love to talk about how we can help you achieve your goals!

We are not very good at taking pictures of our events, but we'll try to get a few more here so you can get an idea what we've been up to!

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