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The MDB-101 Matchmaker Direct Box is engineered to provide excellent audio performance in a durable and cost effective package. The Matchmaker provides guitarists, bassists, and keyboardists a means of producing a high fidelity, low impedance microphone level audio feed simultaneously to a mixing console, while providing the original high impedance, unbalanced signal to the onstage amplification utilized in most performing environments. The Matchmaker is designed to accept either an instrument level signal directly from the instrument, a line level signal from the output of an effects device or amplifier pre amp section, or a speaker level signal from the speaker output jack of an instrument amplifier - just make sure the switch is in the right position.  Giving the MDB-101 a speaker level signal with the switch in the line level position will blow the transformer!  The Matchmaker Direct Box also incorporates a special “cabinet emulation” feature allowing the musician to more closely duplicate the onstage amplifications’ tonal qualities in the additional audio feed.  When a “ground loop” is encountered between the onstage amplification and the audio equipment being fed from the balanced output of the MDB-101, a ground lift switch is provided.  The internal components are secured to the housing unlike many other direct boxes.  This increases the lifespan by eliminating damage (and rattle) caused by components moving around inside.

MDB-101 Matchmaker Direct Box

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