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Studio Quality Instrument (SQI), series cables are designed with the truly performance conscience musician in mind. Oxygen-free high conductivity copper is utilized on both the center conductor and shield to provide the best audio path possible. Individual copper strands that make up the center conductor and shield are extremely small in diameter in an effort to increase the high-end frequency response, improving overall fidelity. The 95% coverage serve shield assures you that the audio signal will remain intact in even the most adverse conditions. The outer jacketing of the cable is a special formulation of PVC compounds which provide exceptional flexibility and durability as well as protection against the mechanical handling noise often encountered in many of our competitor’s cables. All SQI series cables are hand-soldered with Switchcraft brand connectors to provide a quality connection that will perform flawlessly for years. Overall tonal balance of SQI series cables is exceptional, with solidly defined bass response and crystal clear highs. The SQI cables seem to excel when used in combination with single coil pickup designs or piezo electric transducers.

SQI Instrument Cable

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